Re: Laminitis and Mare Hormonal Relationship?

Sherry Morse

Hi Jackie,

Looking at your CH Megan is still overweight, is that correct? Is she still being fed alfalfa and Coolstance now?  Given her elevated insulin numbers if she is still being fed both of those they need to come out of her diet as they could be contributing to her issues (both in terms of not losing weight and foot pain). 

Otherwise she's certainly a candidate for Metformin - the dose would be 28,140mg 2x a day which is four times the dose you have listed in her CH and why you may not have seen any improvement with that dose.

If you have current hoof pictures we can advise you if she needs alterations to her current trim to help her feel better as well.

If you could add the link to your photo album ( to your signature that will help us find it easily.  If you need directions on how to do that just let us know.

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