Re: Laminitis and Mare Hormonal Relationship?

Jackie W

Sherry, thanks for the additional info and the references.  I just talked with our vet, but the info she had limited the dosage to 50 mg/Kg/day, so I'll send her your references as well as this one I found from Tufts for 30mg/Kg, up to 3x a day:, p9.  Didn't know the part about 30 min before feeding, so will do that as well tonight.

I'll cut back on the hay; lately I've been away unfinished hay, anyway, so she's probably closer to 16 lbs of forage.  As a Fjord, she's pretty big boned, so the 900 lbs is more of a guess. This time, her blood work showed leptin about a tenth of what it used to be and she also not guzzling hay like she used to. I recently added Glycocemic EQ and I'm wondering if there's something in it that affected the leptin (in a good way!).
Thanks! Jackie
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