Re: FAO Lavinia - Dewi updated hoof photos since new farrier trim

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Jenny, could you send her the photo showing how uneven the left front is?  The previous trim had left the LF lateral wall higher, too, so if both trimmers missed it then it might not be obvious when they are trimming.  The dorsal photo shows it clearly though.  Most trimmers don't take photos after to evaluate their trim, and it can be hard to see imbalances unless she was eyeball level with his hoof on the ground, so things like this are easily missed.

Also, you can ask her to come back in 1-2 weeks and finish evening out the 2 fronts.  She was probably hesitant to take too much off all at once in case it made Dewi sore, but you can request she bring it down more.  If your collateral groove depth measurements are correct, then 2.5cm is about 3/4"-1", which is how deep they should be at the back of the hoof.  So she might not feel comfortable lowering the RF height without recent radiographs to show where the coffin bone is (the hoof has changed so much since the Feb rads and Lavinia's markups that your trimmer might have been worried there was more sinking since then).  If the LF actually is 1.2cm, that's only half what the depth should be so normally you would not lower that hoof below the sole plane.  New rads would probably help determine how much more to lower the hoof.

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