Need help abscess/CleanTrax(?) and CH format


Hi group, 

1) I opened my CH to update and the formatting in the feed/supp section is very askew — I cannot repair it.  Is anyone savvy with “IT” that might be willing to help me?  I will send link privately, or if not allowed, Ill post here in thread.  Its non-sensical at this point so didn’t go ahead & post.

2) my gelding had severe laminitis in late Feb.  On rads, rotated in both front w moderate sinking in LF.  Clinically he’s doing well, but after last trim he abscessed from coronary band on the more damaged LF.  One day before opening, I accidentally punctured his sole (only 1mm thick) with hoof pick (cleaning Gold Bond debris).  I put him on SMZs for that puncture and as mentioned, a large abscess opened the next day.  That was four days ago (24th).  Both sites still draining serosanguinous fluid and now a slightly thickened “goop”.  Almost pus-like but with no real “infected odor”.  Ive been able to handwalk very short amts as pain has diminished to just a slight head bob.  No NSAIDS but is still on SMZs.  Im changing wrap daily & treating as an open wound w sterile technique.  Foot is fully wrapped (furacin/Telfa/cotton/Vetwrap/duct tape) & inside boot 24/7 & has remained dry since abscess & sole opened.  

My question is, would CleanTrax be an appropriate treatment to clear debris in the open tracts, given that both sites are still draining?  Unfortunately all of the soaking w epsom salts I did prior to the abscess opening seem to soften & thin his soles quite a bit, so I hesitate to immerse the hoof yet again, but Im not familiar enough w CleanTrax to know the its benefits vs downsides of using.

I will post CH as soon as I get the diet section format corrected.  Everything is UTD but its unintelligibly in current form.

Many Thanks
Kerry in NY
sept 2014
Tofurky IR/suspect PPID

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