Updated Photos of Callisto's Feet for Lavinia, or any other interested parties , what do you think? #photo


Hi Lavinia,
I've done my best to follow your mark-ups from February.  My farrier thought it was too drastic to take everything suggested off, so he was conservative so as not to make Callisto more sore.  In between trims, I took his toe back significantly, and it seems successful.  It was only two weeks ago I got brave enough to bevel the wall above the sole plane where it is separating from the white-line along the quarters, but this made him very very footsore on the barn alley. It essentially left him standing on nothing but his soles and heels, and his soles are sore.  Now I'm having problems with boots: the Easyboot Clouds he has been wearing since February have caused his frog to retract, thrush to develop (which I treat every single day), and the heels to contract. Now they are also rubbing. I ordered Equine Fusion AT Ultimates and they rubbed the first day, so right now he is in an old pair of Old Mac's wearing my running socks.  He usually has hoof armour on and it makes a little difference to help keep his feet dryer, but not much with footiness.  I don't know what to do next.
 Thank-you for any advice (and perhaps encouragement), you can offer.
Lara W. in Victoria, BC 2021
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