Re: Updated Photos of Callisto's Feet for Lavinia, or any other interested parties , what do you think? #photo


Wow Diane you have done your research! Good for you :-) the one brand you didn't mention with equine Fusion. I just recently purchased the all-terrain ultimates.

Callisto currently owns seven pairs of hoof boots. He's got 2 easyboot gloves, the Renegades, the equine Fusion all-terrain, two pairs of clouds, and a pair of 20 year old Old Macs.( In the process of purchasing all these boots, I had to return about five pairs. I love your idea of a boot rental. Actually one of the vets here rents soft rides, and that helped me realize that they weren't appropriate for my horse.) He's also got seven types of different pads. And now he's using my Wright socks! ( they work really well, because they're double-layered and moisture wicking. The horse almost has more footwear than I do :-)

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