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My vet has now suggested using cabergoline for my horse as 2.5 MG of prascend is not managing the PPID. Current levels are Acth: 159 and Insulin: 200

I'm at a loss as per my vet, his diet is great and he was upped from 1.5 MG of prascend to 2mg over the fall, and then up to 2.5 MG since March. He had a laminitic attack last November and is still recovering. At the age of 25 I know his body can't go through another attack and I'm at my wits end trying to manage the cushings and his overall health and need some help with PPID medication. 
My vet wants to charge $375 for the 5ml bottle of cabergoline and start him off at 1ml every other week. Where are others purchasing this from and how much is it? I found it at Bet pharmacy for $250 but can't seem to enter a California address. I've placed a call into them to see if they can ship to CA. If not I definitely can't afford it through my vet as the $375 is more than what I pay for the prascend. 
She wasn't too confident about compounded pergolide but I feel that may be the best option to go since the 2.5 MG of prascend is not working. Almost seems like he would need to go up to 3.5 or 4mg of prascend daily. 
Erica H CA 2021

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