Re: Lavinia--Cadet is still footsore, not sure why--second try

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Aunna,

That he became more foot sore immediately after the trim points to the trim being at least part of the reason. Some of that could be attributed just to the changes causing him to use his feet differently, which can cause an overall discomfort just like you can experience when you start to exercise and use muscles that you haven't been using. He does also show arthritic changes in the pasterns, which can be aggravated after trims, whether the trim is correct or not.

The toes appear to have been brought back, which was needed, but it appears as if there was also an overall loss of vertical height in the feet, which is not a good thing as his last rads confirmed he had thin soles and sinking. You can shorten the horizontal length without losing any vertical height. Ditto for moving the heels back. His heels remain underrun, frogs are elongated and contracted as Dr. Kellon mentioned. This indicates he is not landing heel first regularly, which is what the goal needs to be. As long as he isn't comfortable landing heel first, he should remain in padded boots. If he is comfortable in those, walking him while booted is fine.

RF toe was pretty close to where it needs to be in these pix. Rest of the toes need to come back further, esp. the LF. Need to preserve the overall vertical height, esp. in the heels. NO touching of the soles at all. Add rockers to the backs of all the heels plus float the walls in the heels, creating buttresses from the bar and heel-wall juncture. See here, figures 2 and 3 especially:

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