Re: Invokana users that have lowered the dose

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Terri, we have Vinnie at 56.25 mg which is a 1/8th of a pill plus another half of a 1/8th pill.  Vinnie is doing great, though he is still not at his ideal weight, probably still about 20lb down. I have been slowly adding more beet pulp to increase good calories so that I can get him just a little less lean. He is currently taping between 925 and 938lb

We tried him on 75mg but I think it was too high as he dropped wight almost immediately.

He is walking great too!

Our last labs 4/26  tryglicerides were normal and insulin was a tad above normal.  We are about due for a new set of labs to see how he settled into the 56.25 mg dose.

I think as Dr K mentions every horse is going to be incredibly individualized with dosing and Vinnir is just one of those super sensitive guys. 

Ps i have uploaded a current image.

Thanks Nancy
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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