Re: Baby is worsening

Sherry Morse

Hi Jan,

It would be very helpful if you could take your extended description here: and put that in a message to the group as it explains a lot more about the current situation.

As already indicted by both Martha and Dr. Kellon bute and gabapentin are not going to help with a laminitis caused by an endocrine issue and your hay is too high in ESC+starch to be fed to a horse in crisis.  Once you have a case history completed we'll be able to better help you but for a horse that's still eating and drinking I would not be considering euthanasia.  I would be considering ways to make her more comfortable which would include putting her in boots, no longer forcing her to move if she doesn't want to and not allowing her to eat any grass until her insulin is under better control.  I would also stop the Platinum Performance as the base is not suitable for an IR horse.


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