Questions regarding Cushings horse and file on Cushings info

Sharon Bice

In the files under “Cushings” - the document starts off saying this: 


But then it starts saying things like this: 

ALFALFA tends to test lower *on the average* for sugar than some grass hays, but also contains starch, & contains more actual glucose than an equivalent amount of grass hay. Some IR horses just don't tolerate it. Others are fine on it.

So my question is, in the alfalfa info/example above, when it says “IR horses” does it just mean IR or Cushings too? So would alfalfa be okay for Cushings horse and not IR horse or are you lumping IR to mean both Cushings and IR horses. I just want to be very careful with my Cushings horse and I am assuming even though I clicked on a Cushing file that if it specifically doesn’t mention Cushing then it is okay for a Cushings horse. I hope this makes sense ;) Thank you!!

Sharon Bice
December 2020    Sandia Park, New Mexico

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