Re: New hay sample high Iron


Hi, Tara. The details of buffering pH and moderating ESC are going to go OT very quickly, but a few things come to mind in addition to working with an expert County Extension agent. 1. What does a current pH test tell you about the pH of the soil? I use a Kelway Soil pH Meter and distilled water to confirm that I limed enough.  2. Can the mower be set higher so that the hay is cut higher off the ground?  3. Can you arrange the cutting to take place at first light in the morning so that you minimize the ESC?  4. Is there any higher, sloped terrain that can be hayed separately? Low flat areas, especially if the soil is sandy, can have water-logged soils that maximize the uptake of iron (and manganese) and making buffering with lime more difficult due to soil chemistry. 
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