Vinnie update ~56.25 mg Invokana

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi all,

Just wanted to send a brief update on Vinnie. He is doing fantastic!!

Here is a little snippet from our walk yesterday.  Coach Summer is helping Vinnie keep moving 🤣😂. (She is finally on the mend too..) He is up to about 15 mjns of walking with 1 hr of turn out for at will movement which he offers a little play and trotting etc.

Vinnie is getting 56.25mg of Invokana which is about 1/8 plus 1/16 of a 300mg pill every day.  

I am feeding about 30lb of feed at a ratio to keep his esc +starch at about 8.8. I mix 2  hays, odbtc cubes, beet pulp and lmf low carb as noted in my CH. I am adding more beet pulp to increase his weight a little bit 

His last bloodwork from 4/26 is uploaded and we are are for a recheck this month.  I will post those results once we pull the blood, hoping maybe this week.

Thanks so much for all your support in this journey.  I finally am feeling like we may be able to use the  driving cart I bought for him christmas in 2019 😀

Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
Oakley, Ca
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