Still unsure on grass consumption during exercise

Angie Mikkelson <angieorr@...>

I’ve asked before but I haven’t gotten any real hard answer to this question. So I just finished my horses 2nd 50 mile endurance ride. He did well metabolically and completed the ride with good vet scores on gut sounds etc. I’m still confused about how much grass he can have during and after a ride though. At this particular ride there was a TON of grass, I let him pick here and there on the trail.  At the holds we gave him mash of beet pulp, rice bran and oats as Dr Kellon recommended but then I did let him graze for about 10 minutes before going back out on trail. Is doing that going to come back to haunt me some day? I want this horse to do 100’s but if he’s going to, he needs to be able to eat whatever is available and some rides are very remote and basically grass is the only option. 
Also following the ride when I’d take him out for walks to stretch him he really wanted to graze, can he have some grass or not? I feel like the meanest endurance horse mom ever when everyone’s horses are grazing around camp and I’m walking around pulling my horses head up :-( and if that’s what needs to happen fine, but if he can graze I’d like to let him. 

Thanks in advance for any advice...
Angie in ND, 2021

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