Re: Butterscotch and Naomi first post

Sherry Morse

Hi Naomi,

As Kirsten already noted Rice Bran can be problematic for many IR horses and since she's a breed that can be IR until you are able to get an insulin level on her I would err on the side of not feeding that nor letting her out on grass. 

As far as feeding amounts - you have her listed as currently being 800lbs which would be FAT for a 12.3 pony.  Looking at the pictures you shared they're not the best angle to judge, but she does not look THAT fat.  If you don't have a weight tape could you perhaps use the calculator https :// to determine her current weight?  I would expect her to be about 550 - 600lbs at that height and to feed her accordingly you need to feed either 1.5% of her current weight or 2% of her ideal weight - whichever is more.  IF she truly is 800lbs she should be eating no more than 16 pounds a day TOTAL (including hay and enough carrier to get her supplements in).  You have her as eating somewhere between 12 - 18lbs of hay and a pound of dry beet pulp which is maybe more than she needs.  Even erring on the high side she should be eating no more than 12lbs a day max if she really is 600lbs. 

To administer Prascend, I'm a fan of syringing to make sure it all gets in the horse or pony, but you can use a the end of a carrot and core it out to hide the pill in it, a small piece of apple and stick the pill in it, a peanut shell or a pony pill pocket (not the molasses version) to get her to eat it.

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