Re: Need help ASAP - painful mini


Ok I looked up STP. STP stands for Stop The Pain.  Here are the ingredients. Agree with Lorna, discontinue this immediately as it contains yucca and dextrose.
Ingredients: Bio-Flavonoids, Bupieurum, Devil’s Claw, Yucca Extract, Boswellia, Water, Dextrose, Natural and Artificial Flavorin

Also, if you believe she is in active laminitis, I would not use Jiaogulan now either.  If she were mine, she would be bedded on a lot of shavings and I would consider taking the Soft Rides off. I find Soft Rides work for going outside or on hard surfaces but if they are just standing around, IMO, they keep continuous pressure on the soles and frogs and laminitics can become extremely uncomfortable with them on for long periods. I think they work best when the horse is moving around which allows them to take weight off the gel and the bottom of the foot. 
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