Laminil product

jessica skene

Hi all!

Just found out about this product, do you have any info about this product and if it works?

For my mare that is controled in winter laminitis but always founder mid febuary as soon as the shedding start, possibly because of hormones change and strong heat of spring but I am not abble to control those, still wait for my chasteberry to see if it will helps, but if it doesn't work, and that I need to use the product to stop ovulation, the price is so indecent, not sure I will be able to pay that, as all her supplements and vitamins already cost me a lot :( 


So do you know about this product?
Jessica Skene  - Abitibi, Québec, Canada
Sonara => Canadian X QH mare , 14 years old, historic of founder and Laminitis, IR / EMS

october 2017

Link to case history:
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