Re: Desi earned her wings

Maria Duran

I am so sorry Bobbie, There is nothing I can say that makes you feel better, but just wanted to say you are not alone, Desi will fill your heart forever, she in not physically with you, but all the love you have being pouring out for her, will be returned into those highly emotionally moments that makes your grief unbearable. That´s because you gave her your whole heart without rules, without premises, translated into daily care, grooming, gaining knowledge, nights not being able to sleep, full time dedication and budget.... all to make her feel a bit better. That´s inconditional love and that´s probably what made her strive harder for you each day.

A star has stopped shining in the sky, a scar has been sculptured in your huge and amazingly honest and generous heart, but all your shared moments. all your learning together will help other horses and that´s the most beautiful will, you can get from such lovely being. 

I believe some very caring people need someone to care for, Desi needed you and you needed her, so you completed each other in a way that is unique and special. That´s nothing that can be erased from the world easily and impossible to be erased from your heart.

Your words made me feel your pain in the details. I know those details, the ones you mention and the ones you don´t mention and being in grief myself for a horse since almost a year, I know it fades a bit with time, but never goes away. Love never goes away.

Sending you all my love and strength at this moment.
María Durán Navarro 
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain)

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