Re: Case Study Help

Sherry Morse

Hi Deborah,

When you joined you should have received a message explaining how to do your case history and I see you joined the case history group.  The next steps are:

1 - go to the files section of the case history group and create a folder for you and your horse:
    a - To create the folder for you and your horse click on the "+New" button and select "New Folder" from the drop down list.  Name the folder "Deborah and XXX" where XXX = your horse's name.
    b - once you name the folder and click 'ok' you will be dropped back to the main file page.  To navigate to your folder the fastest way to find it is enter "Deborah and XXX" into the search box and the search results will bring up your folder.
    c - click on the folder icon and this will open up your folder.  The name in the navigation bar at this point is what will go into your signature as your case history link and this is where you will upload your case history document and any other PDF documents you may have.
    d - once you're in your folder you can click on the "+New" button again and select "Upload File" from the drop down list.  You will then need to navigate to the file on your device so it's very important to know where you've saved it.

2 - download the case history form to your device and fill it in following the directions in the form.  These directions include all of the information I just outlined above as well as information on how to fill out the form.
    a - you can find the CH form as well as other information on filling out the form and how to post it in the files here:
    b - there are 2 versions of the form available - one for Word (PC/Android) users and one for Pages (MAC/iPhone users)

If you run into issues it helps us to know exactly where you are stuck in the various steps of creating and then uploading the case history and the photos files.

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