Re: Climbing ACTH numbers

Sue Ring

Hey Sherry,  Thanks so much for all of the info and links.  I currently am administering 1.0 mg Pergolide compound.  After reading all of the links and Dr Kellon's information on the use of Pergolide with cypro I am about to send an email to my vet to let her know about the recent research (along with the linked information).  She is a very reasonable, helpful person, so I expect to get good feedback from her regarding my concerns.  I feel very strongly about the use of an increased dosage of Pergolide before we go veering off into other options.  He is getting so much stuff now for treatment of his ERU - PLUS I have been trying to wean him from the Equioxx over to the Phyto-Quench w/Devil's alot of changes for his body to adjust to.  He has a hearty appetite and I try to make any changes for him gradually and uneventful to eliminate a chance of colic.......

Thank you VERY much for your prompt, informative response......I also need to up my secretarial skills and get my case history updated with Shifty's new numbers according to the Cornell test and his updated treatment for his ERU.
Sue R in NC 2021




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