Re: TSF Metabolic Support, Bunch Grass, and Palmer Angle questions

Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Shera,

I'm glad she's doing better WRT insulin, but I just want to caution you that 61 uIU/ml is still too high to take chances with her diet.

Is she still getting 2 cups of the low carb pellets?  I would stop these, anything with rice bran in it is not good for a horse with EMS.  Plus she doesn't need the calories.

Have you managed to bring her BSC down?  If you're finding she's not losing weight on her current ration, then you can start cutting it back.  We generally recommend feeding 2% of ideal weight, or 1.5% of current weight, whichever is higher.  But for some real easy keeper horses, lowering that seems to help.  I have been feeding my horse 1.7% of his ideal body weight to maintain a BCS of 4.5 because I found that 2% of his ideal weight just kept him fat with a BCS of 6.  You could start by removing 0.5 lbs hay and see how she does for several weeks.

Not sure if she is turned out with other horses and sharing their hay, but EMS horses with elevated insulin don't get the signal to their brain that they are full and can stop eating.  If she's out with other horses she could be eating a lot more hay than you think, hence the weight problems. 

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