Re: Pergolide dosage for mini cross

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Valletta,

I've been using Pet Health for many years and they have been great.

My mini and small pony are both currently on 2mg compounded pergolide each and doing well. They will get titrated up to 2.5mg for the seasonal rise as last year the 2mg didn't quite do it for them at that time but they are fine on the 2mg during the rest of the year.

Titrate up in .25mg increments every 4 days to what ever dose you and your vet agree on - given the circumstances, I would be looking at a minimum of 1mg, esp. as by the time you get him up that dose and can retest, you'll already be in the early rise period. Keep that in mind when interpreting the results, as this year will likely be a bit of a trial-and-error to find the dose that is best for him.

Sorry about the squamous cell CA. That finding makes it even more important to get the ACTH and his IR under tight control, as both conditions do suppress the immune system when uncontrolled, which can make dealing with the additional issue much harder.

He is extremely lucky to have found you.

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