blood work results/ Dr. Kellon please

Daisy Shepherd

for tiko done 6/16/2021,; fed 5 # hay at 630 am, turnout to pasture with muzzle with 1 inch hole at 730, in at 1015 with hay, vet at 1030 for blood work;  done at cornell : insulin 12.68,  glucose 80, also noted  lipemia at 7 measure of large lipid containing particles weakly associated with triglyceride concentrations attributed  predominately to chylomicrons.    are the glucose and insulin ok and what does the lipemia note mean.  will get this plus xrays done  6/10/2021 post shoeing with the wonderful mark ups and info from lavinia;  will get that vet report posted also.  dr shafer said her markups were spot on and was very impressed;  am working on added strength to his right hindquarters.  thank you so much, hope you continue to feel better, daisy and tiko
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
CO, April 2019
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