Re: At my wits end with Riosa - Dr. Kellon please help, advice needed


Super news Lorna as I was thinking the same that I’m sure it’s not the soymeal as Jaini is AMAZING in my mind!

But I was thinking maybe it’s the source of my products?  I did some searching on here and found that some have had issues with masterfeeds soy hulls before?  Maybe I have other ingredients in them that could cause an issue?

I stoped giving the soymeal it as much of it and it seems to have coincided with stiffness.  If this is maybe pssm2 then protein def can’t be lacking.  I should maybe look at bumping her back up again?  I did order some whey isolate so maybe I will talk to Jaini about adding that in instead for now until I can see about testing for some other things.  Thanks for the help!

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Also the soybean meal I was added is blended off with soyhulls as per Jaini Clougher's recommendation as she is my hay balanced.
I wouldn't even consider criticizing Jaini's work , so this must be fine for your horse, Heather .

For those following, the  distinction between the 2 products still holds.

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