Re: Conflicting diagnostic methods?

Ann Conn

Not advising...just a note to say I have one Arabian in 
Texas who had laminitis in 2016, was diagnosed IR & 
PPID by Cornell bloodwork, but then, in terms of treatment, if I had followed highly regarded vet's advice, 
I am convinced I would not have this horse today. 
But I had a barefoot trimmer who had introduced me
to ECIR and I followed their advice and still do.
So, if it were me, I would insist on Cornell bloodwork, drawn, processed, and shipped according to their 
protocols. Then follow ECIR advice on care and medication after that. You may also want to find out if
your vet will prescribe compounded pergolide.
I can suggest a great vet depending on your location.
You are welcome to message me if you want.
central texas


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