Re: Need help interpreting bloodwork and hay tests #file-notice

Sherry Morse

Hi Laura,

Based on the picture from May he is hardly gaunt.  It may help to remember that a normal horse should be about 4.5 - 5 on the Henneke scale and I would rate Ero as a 6+ based on the pictures you've posted.  You noted in your CH update that the vet also rated him as a 6 and he still has fat behind his withers.  Fat IMO does not equal regal, it's equal to 'getting close to a disaster' so just something to keep in mind.  We have 2 PREs at my current barn and both are fat even though they are in regular work so there's a breed predisposition to that shape for sure and it's not helped by many dressage people wanting their horses to be on the chunky side. 

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