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Hi, Laura.
As Sherry mentioned, the combined ESC+Starch in both these hays bears watching. Mixed feedback on soaking is a result of mixed effects of ESC+Starch on different equines. Some equines are extremely sensitive to ESC and require ESC+Starch that is low within the usual acceptable range. Just be aware that both hays are at the high end of the scale, with one slightly over the 10% safe cutoff. Conservative management would be to soak these hays. That is NOT mixed feedback. It's based on experience with sensitive equines. Ero may not require it, especially if he is in work and not tender footed.

There is the possibility of a second issue with these hays, and again, it may not be a problem with all equines and all clovers. I see you've fed mixed legume hay in the past.  But clover can, in some equines, cause them to become footsore.  You can search messages for more information on different clovers in hay, Red Clover being the most obviously problematic. Some recent examples: 
I emphasize this is based on the reactions of different equines. Some are more sensitive than others.

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