Re: Need help interpreting bloodwork and hay tests #file-notice

Laura and Ero

Sorry, I meant his hindquarters are guant and his general appearance is less-muscled. Yes, the vet puts him at a 6 or higher on the BCS, but I feel like I've done a good job on getting him dialed in with his feet and diet, since getting some pretty harsh feedback last fall. I dove in to learn as much as I could and fast as I could for him. He has a much reduced crest and has lost weight. I've found a barefoot trimmer and switched barns. Regardless, my vet's response is always the same. She also doesn't think he's EMS/IR and recommends a lot of Purina products, so I take their feedback with some hesitation. As for dressage - I've pretty much given up on ever getting through this. Competing is a lost dream. I just want him safe and comfortable. I can honestly say, I am doing my best. This journey has been hell and at 7, my expectations for his life are grim. 

Laura and Ero

October 2020 | Colgate, WI USA 

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