Re: Need help interpreting bloodwork and hay tests #file-notice

Laura and Ero

@ Martha - light walk/trot under saddle, some lunging and in-hand. He’s not very balanced at the canter and has slipped a few times so we’re effectively starting over (also to get him through and out of the BTV training he had). Hoping FormaHoof helps support the hinds and still looking for boots that fit the shape of his fronts.  Trails to come … wanted to give him time to settle in, get his feet sorted, and bloodwork done. 

@Cass - actually much less clover in the 2021 bales, but will continue to soak especially if/as these start to get mixed. 

@Dr Kellon - agree on hooves and angles, hence the FormaHoof to help with heel height and hopefully better angles overall. Anything more to be considered as it relates to DDFT strain? I’m starting back slow.  Would you change his diet with this new hay?

Laura and Ero

October 2020 | Colgate, WI USA 

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