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Thank you Sherry! The vet was able to talk with the pharmacist at Pet Health and they confirmed the 4.6 mg of pergolide mesylate was correct in order to equal the 3.5 mg of prascend. I think there was some misunderstanding between the vets office staff and the vet. 
That does make sense about the safe starch however my horse won't eat Timothy hay pellets so I'm not sure that he would eat the hay cubes.(he's gotten super picky over the last couple years) He has been fine with baled Timothy hay in the past though which is why I thought he may do ok on the safe starch.(hay storage and severe human allergies to Timothy bales prevents me from simply feeding him flakes of timothy)  Another issue is that I board him and having them soak the hay cubes long enough for them to be softer would be difficult. 

Seems like my only option

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Hi Erica,

As previously noted you need to have your vet write the prescription as ""x mg of pergolide, as pergolide mesylate" (see message  You want to be sure the pharmacy is sending you exactly what you need so you'll want to confirm that they have the correct information prior to processing the order.  As far as TC Safe Starch - it is not on the safe feeds list because the ESC+starch can vary.  You can use Triple Crown Naturals Timothy Balance Cubes as a safe carrier or hay replacement (at a ration of 3lbs of cubes to 4 lbs of hay).

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