Falki's Recent Blood Work - Request Feedback

Connie Proceviat

Hi All,

I've updated Falki's case history with his recent blood work. His insulin has certainly decreased dramatically over time but now it seems his ACTH is slowly creeping up with age. Is that an indication he should be on Pergolide year around rather than just during the seasonal rise?

ACTH 19.8 (2-10)
Glucose 5.3 (3.7-6.7)
Insulin 240 (<300)
Thank you,

Connie Proceviat
2013 Manitoba, Canada
Case History: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Connie%20and%20Falki/Falki%20Case%20History.doc.pdf
Falki Photo Album: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/photosearch?p=title%2C%2C%2C20%2C2%2C0%2C0&q=Falki  

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