lavinia and dr kellon; follow up from markups and 2nd vet opinion

Daisy Shepherd

all xrays, blood work. vet 2nd opinion posted case hx, and in photos. dr shafer was very impressed with your mark ups lavinia said they were spot on for what tikos feet needed , xrays done 2 weeks post last shoeing, will rexray after next shoeing due 7/8/2021;  i would like to make the additional changes on his hind feet if you agree lavinia; tiko is moving much better and much improved of hind  end on right  dropping out underneath him;  my local vet who is very familiar with epm does not feel he shows epm issues, agrees working on hind end strength best approach; dr kellon has checked his blood work.  my plan, if you guys agree is to work on hind in strength, continue to address and monitor shoeing needs( lavinia what do you see that needs more change from last xrays);  my farrier is willing to work with changes; continue with IR needs with diet and exercise;  dr kellon, my local vet reviewed the lipemia note on tikos glucose did not think needs follow up  in regards to triglyceride, do you agree?  thank you both for all of your help, daisy and tiko
Daisy, Tiko and Whisper
CO, April 2019
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