Prascend and adding compounded perg for seasonal rise?


Hello all -
Based on symptoms last two years at particular times of year (mid July & mid September historically) vet and I think Salsa needs extra Prascend for seasonal rise.
My current vet will NOT consider compounded pergolide at all, no way, no how.
I talked on the phone to a vet that has one or two client horses on pergolide and he uses Wedgewood Pharmacy for them.
He's not seen my horse and I'm a little out of his way but we talked and he's not opposed to seeing Salsa.
He said generally he would say increase the Prascend to 2 pills a day (currently 1) and hold there through October.  He does not recommend cutting Prascend pills at all (didn't ask why).
I asked about using pergolide just for the increased amount while keeping Salsa on the 1 Prascend a day.  No one has asked him about that.
The possible new vet is going to talk to his contact at Wedgewood Monday or Tuesday and call me back.  I'm glad to have a nice open discussion with him.
The 'new' vet said around here when the temps hit 90 seems to be when horses that have trouble with the rise seem to start showing signs - and I agree that's been Salsa's pattern - though I know the day length matters too.

Is anyone using a combo of pergolide and Prascend? (search on old posts seems there probably are)
My current vet had me cut the Pergolide originally and titrate up from half a pill a day to one pill over about 10 days or so.  If I am stuck with Prascend is it ok to cut them into no more than quarters to raise his dose?  Going right to 2 pills a day seems like a lot - but maybe that's ok?
I am seeing signs already and believe (sadly) I am behind the eight-ball on the rise this year (little earlier than usual).  Salsa's neck looks cresty again and I think he's drinking more, urination up a little bit but not a lot (like it is in July & September) - and that observation is after I came back from a week out of town where he was not off his dry lot at all, no hay switch  etc.

Suggestions most welcome!

Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
Middle TN USA, September 2019
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