Re: Jalila’s new blood results are alarming.

Nancy K.

Having things line up would be a plus! I have Microsoft Office and should be ablet to use the Word document. As much as I love my Mac, Apple’s software doesn’t always appeal to me.

I cut the hay to 17 libs/day and am separating the horses for feeding as I discovered there was some unauthorized sharing of rations going on.

We are doing another blood draw tomorrow night so we can run the same test as we did last spring. I’ll be as careful as I can about Jalila’s food intake. I will start soaking hay again after the draw so things are as close to the same as possible, time of day being the only change with draws one week apart.

It would do my heart good to see a number other than >200!


-Nancy K. with Jalila & Shiraz

March 2021, Blaine county Idaho

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