Re: Re Still Looking for answers and review of photos: TSF Metabolic Support, Bunch Grass, and Palmer Angle questions

Shera Felde

Thank you so much, Kirsten, for your thoughts! Yes, that is the bunch grass that grows naturally everywhere (and that would be inside the new fence.) I taped her today and it said 960 lbs. Her insulin draw and x-rays are in 10 days. I am hopeful it's better than May given how she's moving (but you're right about her narrow rear stance). When I take her hiking, she moves like her old self (with boots on) but the energy at home to move out seems to ebb and flow. I will watch for the lowest laminar ridge line and see how close we are. Her x-rays in May showed a bump of inflammation after Feb (w-rays). which I now believe was the irrigated grass under the fence line. Since moving to pine trees with no irrigated grass, I'm hopeful that risk is gone.

I will transition off the low low Haystack as carrier once I figure out what to change to...She's not enamored with her mixture as it is, so I want something she'll eat.

My TSF Metabolic support arrived today and I'm still uncertain whether to transition from Thyro L or combine the two and see if that offers some improvement. I don't want to mess up her progress.

I'll try requesting a review from Lavinia.
Thanks again.
Shera Felde, Central Oregon, 2020

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