Hay ESC + Starch and Invokana

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Hi Dr Kellon and all, 

So I have been wondering for a little bit now with the use of Invokana whether I really need go find a lower esc + hay to mix with my timothy/orchard that tests wet chem at about 10.1 esc + starch?

I have used my current 10.1 hay for about two weeks now with the addition of another hay that is pending but the NIR came in way higher than I expected at 12.1. I had thought this new hay was going to be around 7 and a good addition to keep my overall hay a little lower than 10. And have been giving about 3 to 6 lb per day.

Coincidentally, I have been able to maintain Vinnie's weight better with the higher esc + starch rations.. I averaged the day out to be 9.4 esc + starch with the 18 to 20lb of hay 6lb of odtbc cubes, 2lb lmf low carb and 1.5lb dry rsr beet pulp.

I obviously don't want to play with fire though.  We are still at ~56.25mg canagliflozin and when I try to go to 75mg he starts to look a little leaner and gets crankier.  I have tested this a couple times now and established patterns.  So I think he may be a candidate that stays at 56.25mg with use of occasional 75mg when he seems to look a little more cresty.

We are pulling blood Monday to see what his labs look like at the 56.25 dose with the higher esc+ starch, but i wanted to put this question out there so I can start planning yet again my hay requirements :)

I have updated a current image and we are walking now 10mins 2 times per dsy..major milestone for us!!

Thanks in advance!
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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