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Follow up question, I don't recall what the eac+ starch of beet pulp is. But I recall it being super low?? 

Also update ran labs Monday and am.wairing in the result; but in light of the new hay coming back much higher 8n esc+starch 12.8  I am stopping feeding the new hay completely. 

This leaves me with my old hay at 10.1 esc+starch. Honestly, I feel like I am flirting with danger here insulin wise, but I am wondering if balance can be achieved with invokana and the other rations getting.  I could go pick up some of the  DHB orchard (test in folder)  hay to mix back in which was a 6.4 but did come in at 3400 ppm nitrates and that worried me as well.

I am thinking I don't want to free feed the 10.1 hay, but I am a little perplexed as to my next steps?? Should I just increase my invokana to 75mg and test again in a.couple weeks.  I suppose the labs illustrate the story.  Sorry for the rambling..I am just not wanting to cause another setback.

If I manage rations of 18lb hay 8lbcubes, 2lb lmf and 1.5 dry weight rsr beet pulp the days ration total about 9.01 esc + starch if my calculations are correct. I estimated lmf at 7.0 esc+ starch and the beet pulp at 4.0 esc+ starch.

Thanks in advance

Thanks Nancy
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