Re: Hay ESC + Starch and Invokana

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Update my labs came in:
ACTH Baseline Equine 42.5 pg/mL 2 - 35
Insulin Baseline Equine 151.16 uIU/mL 10 - 40
Triglycerides 69 (H) 14 - 65
Glucose 131 (H) 71 - 122 mg/dL

So,, I have some work to do...

Seems like now we need to start on pergolide to to get acth down and maybe up his dose of ivokana to 75mg to address the glucose and Insulin?

Guidance please Dr Kellon. :)
I have noted some footiness in the last couple.days and a crest appeared 8n the last week that was holding steady previously.

Thanks Nancy 

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