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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tina,

Cortisol Rhythm testing is not a valid test for diagnosing PPID (Cushings), although some vets still use it. In order to properly diagnose PPID, you need to have either an endogenous ACTH test done, or possibly a TRH stimulation test. Please have a read here for more info:

Insulin, glucose and ACTH all fluctuate during the course of the day and are influenced by exercise, feeding, temperature, etc. But even with the fluctuations, there are levels that are not healthy. Insulin isn't measured as averages over the course of the day. A lab states references ranges for the sample that was tested and there may be different ranges applied based on the type of sampling/testing that was done. There are no reference ranges listed for any of the test results on the BET report, unfortunately, so we don't know what your vet is using as a basis for interpreting those results. There are two insulin results - were there two, separate blood pulls done? Was your girl fasted before any of them? Did she have anything administered to her before the blood samples were pulled - like Karo syrup, or? This is info we need to help you interpret the situation clearly and why we really need for you to fill out a case history for your girl.

Based on the insulin results, it appears that your girl is EMS/IR. There is no indication she is PPID as there has been no valid testing performed to diagnose that yet. As Sherry mentioned, starting her on Prascend would not be indicated at this time, esp. as she is only 13yo, so on the younger side for having developed PPID.

The Platinum Performance Wellness contains glucosamine, which isn't recommended for an IR horse as it has the potential to induce laminitis. Platinum Performance products are heavily marketed to vets as being superior products. However, when you read what they actually contain on an ingredient-by-ingredient basis, you will find that there are minuscule amounts of the active ingredients included in these pricey supplements.

Hang in there, we'll help you get this figured out for your girl.

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