Re: SECOND TRY & videos added Re: FAO Lavinia - more Dewi hoof photos - please can you comment on trim?


Hi Kirsten, 

yes I think he would enjoy a walk. I find though that if I try leaving him out in the yard area with his boots on 24/7 he looks uncomfortable by the morning - a bit like when you’ve worn high heels too long and really want to take your shoes off! 

He has got his stable to go in to lie down, but it’s like he stays on his feet too long or maybe the pads aren’t quite soft enough for 24/7 for him (they are the 12mm green easycare pads, so the softest ones). But if I shut him in his stable overnight and remove his boots, by the morning he’s raring to go! 

He just seems to be stuck at this current level of lameness. I’ve not written off the idea of using Invokana, but it’s when to decide to pursue this that I’m not clear on - and I can’t rely on my vet for that advice seeing as they are not familiar with Invokana. 

Perhaps I give the Metformin another go and see how things are and then decide on the Invokana? My vet, whilst agreeing to try Invokana if needed, seems to be of the view that I use the Metformin to get him comfortable enough to exercise and then start exercising to bring insulin down and then we won’t need the Invokana. But he tells me I need to get Dewi  cantering and puffed out - but at present Dewi doesn’t look ready for that - and I can’t ride him so it’s unrealistic for me to work him in that way unless I lunge him. But that involves circles and I’m not sure if that’s a good idea (I could longline on bigger circles but v hard to get him trotting on the long lines!). 

Any further thoughts appreciated! I really think I need to get all of your addresses and send you boxes of chocolates for all the help! 😊

Thanks again!

Jenny Comish
England, UK
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