Re: "Marginal" ACTH, increase prascend or not?


Hi Stine,
I edited your case history links in a few of your posts here so we could open them.  All it took was a ‘return’ after the entry and then pressing save.  Could you please do the same to your signature on your signature page so they won’t need to be changed for each post.  Also, if you could create a photo album in the case history folder, load the Xrays in there and include a link to those In your signature as well, that would be most helpful.  You could actually add the link here to your signature as a photo album until you figure out how to create a new one.  This way, we can find those radiographs more easily.  

If you don’t hear from Dr. Kellon, I would post with both her name as well as Lavinia’s in your heading.  Lavinia is our hoof guru.  As you pointed out, the negative palmar angle needs attention but I’m not sure it can be corrected in a single trim.  I’d also like to hear from them as to whether that might be the source of his pain.

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