Lavinia would you advise the new Xrays please


Lavinia the new Xrays are just in. If you would advise on trim to enable me to discuss with the farrier it would be much appreciated. I have a pre - booked appointment for farrier visit tomorrow dealing with the broken resin, but will see if I can move it back a little so that I can open a discussion about trimming & your advice. 

We think there is improvement with alignment generally, although unfortunately maybe more sinking in Right Foot which would go with symptoms I observed a few months ago. 

Vet thinks I should start Bute again during farrier trim as he feels the pain would be quite high with the trimming he suggests. Cutting toe back on RF, heels down a bit more. He says dependent on what the farrier, who works in consultancy with him thinks too. 

Although I don't have blood results yet, she is diagnosed with PPID & is starting with half tablet today. Also potentially EMS. Bloods will be updated in CH as soon as I get them.

Thank you in advance
March 2021

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