Re: thyroid help

Kandace Krause

Hello Martha,
Yes amount has been increased to 2.5 tablets daily (previous was 1.5 one day 2 the next, like 1.75 daily, a small increase), and this is second increase since then.  I thought I had updated case history at least once since then.
She has been on the 2.5 tablets for well over one month now, but do you feel it would be better to wait even a little bit longer for testing than 3 to 4 weeks past solstice?  As I am looking for results for the rise, I can delay a bit longer, it is not a panic more a confirmation that we are finally under control.  My vet is on rodeo circuit and I have to fit in when she is in my area, so I have to look a bit down the road.
We have been slowly improving and I am hoping that we are now controled, but with the shivering and sweating I am wondering about hypothyroid imbalance which causes thermo disregulation in people as well as horses I have read.
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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