Re: Case History

Sherry Morse

Hi Annette,

Let's start with step 1 - knowing where your current case history is located on your device.  Do you know where the file is? 

If yes - is the information in the file current or does it need to be updated?

If current - make a note of where the file is located and open your case history folder.  Click on the "+NewUpload" button and then click on "Upload file" in the drop down menu.  From there you will need to navigate to the file location on your device and upload.

I suspect from what you've written you do NOT have a current case history file on your device.  If that's the case you need to start from scratch and include both the old information from your case history as well as any updated information.  Once you have all the information entered into the document you need to save it as 'Horse's Name_Case History_Date completed', note where it's saved on your device and then save it as a PDF (either by going to File>Print>Print to PDF) or using an online file converter.

Once that's done you would then follow the steps outlined above to upload the PDF file to your case history folder.  If you run into a problem you need to let us know what stop in the process you are having an issue with.  If you need to download the pages form again you can go here to get it:

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