Bullitt - Body condition and Hoof Questions

Sarah Orlofske

Hello All, 

Thank you to everyone who has helped Bullitt and I in his laminitis recovery. I really could not have done it without you all! 

Bullitt has been doing really well, but I have been trying to increase his exercise to see if that helps get his insulin under control but he is reluctant to walk with me. I check for heat and pulses and there aren't any. He does not act lame like he did with his laminitis episode last year. What I have noticed is that he is walking very narrow in the back (legs close to the middle of his body) and that his hind hooves are very uneven. He is walking on the outside of the hooves and there is a noticeable difference between the sides viewed from the sole plane. Is this a result of his laminitis episode last year? Is there some other joint or hoof issue that we are just now seeing because his hooves are now nearly grown out from his laminitis episode last Aug-Sept? Is this uneven growth enough to explain why he is not enjoying his walks like he used to a few months ago? He also seems to wear the front of his hind toes off flat like he is dragging them. Does that mean his toes are still too long? Other than the walking issues he honestly seems to be in the best shape of his life. I am sorry if these are silly questions, but I only have Bullitt and his sister Kate and they are my only two horses and my only experience is with minis so I am still learning about all the hoof issues in particular. I have posted all new hoof photos in case someone is willing to give them a look and provide some insight. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Farrier is coming next week. They are in need of a trim, but I have been dealing with my own health issues and about a week behind schedule. 

Bullitt's case history is also updated. I would also like some opinions on his weight and body condition. I used the ECIR weight calculator and he came out at 363 but body condition-wise he still looks like a 5.5 to me. I am really bad at this since I was conditioned to think that minis are healthy when in fact they are fat. I thought an ideal weight for him would be around 375, but at less than that he still looks a little heavy? The pictures I posted don't show ribs, but I do see them when he moves and they are easy to feel. I think he looks slightly thinner than the photos make it look but he does have a little tough on the spine and a little fat behind the shoulders. Any thoughts about his weight and body condition would be greatly appreciated as well. We have made some diet changes so I want to make sure he is still on target. 

Finally, vet is scheduled on July 24th for new blood work for Bullitt and Kate. I hope this will work to keep us ahead of the seasonal rise. 

Thank you again for your help and support. 
Sarah O. 
Rudolph, WI

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