Re: Bullitt - Body condition and Hoof Questions

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for adding the latest photos.

It looks like the hinds are medially high, which is a pretty common problem with minis, as it really takes some maneuvering to get underneath them to get those hind feet properly trimmed. That would tip him onto the outsides of his feet when he walks. There is some flaring visible on the medial side of the RF. How long since the last trim was done?

Yes, people are conditioned to think that minis should look like the cartoon Thelwell ponies, so you're not alone in that. I agree with your assessment of his body weight. To me, it looks like he could still stand to lose a few more pounds - with the minis, a BCS of 4-4.5 seems to be where they do the best.

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