Re: Bullitt - Body condition and Hoof Questions

Sarah Orlofske

Hello Lavinia, 

Thank you so much for the quick response! I really appreciate it. It will be just about 6 weeks since his last trim. I have been trying to keep him between 4-5 weeks, but with my health issues time got away from me a little. How would you recommend I address this with our farrier? He is pretty easy going and takes feedback well. Should I recommend we try to get the medial sides even with the lateral? Should I be rasping these between trims if I start to see them progress like this again? Yes I agree with the flares on RF as well. I hope we can address this with the trim as well. Any other thoughts? 

Thanks for the reassurance about Bullitt's weight. It is wonderful to have another set of eyes on our minis from this group, especially as I recalibrate what "healthy" looks like. I really want to avoid another laminitis episode to the best of our abilities. 

Thank you again!
Sarah O. 
Rudolph, WI

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