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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jenny,

I agree with Kirsten that he can go for walks for more exercise as he seems quite ready in the videos. If he isn't willing, then don't force him. The RF lameness could be many things but it doesn't seem to be making him miserable at the moment - just off. It could be a brewing abscess so you could try soaking it in epsom salt + water to see if that draws anything out. The RF is also more run forward and needing more adjustments than the LF, so it could be a mechanical issue. That part is a work in progress.

His trim has improved a great deal since early May, so things appear headed in a good direction. Things to consider this time around:
  - disparate lengths/looks between different feet aren't necessarily cause for alarm IF each foot is being trimmed to what that particular foot needs. Over time, opposing feet tend to look fairly similar but not always.
  - all heels are underrun to some extent, with the RF appearing to be the worst. RH is worse than LH. How much that can be addressed at any given time depends on how much depth you have to work with. Can definitely add rockers/ramps/bevels to the backs of all the heels to help in getting them standing more upright even if you can't actually move them back/lower them. Can also take the walls in the heels out of weight bearing. See figures 2 and 3 esp. here.:

 - leave frogs alone except for trimming off any loose tags as they should be allowed to be in ground contact. Ditto for the bars - only take crumbling material, if any.
 - front toes need to be brought back more, RF more than LF. Hind feet are looking much better overall but toes may still need to come back more as it looks like the growth coming in under the coronary band may be steeper - hard to say for sure as there is hair covering this area in the photos so check and adjust accordingly.
 - measure both of the collateral grooves at their deepest point in each foot - looking for them to be the same depth. Don't lower a high one if the problem is the other is too low, as then you've compounded the problem. Also measure the CG depth at the tip of the frog to see what sole depth you have/don't have in the front half of the foot, then make the trim decisions based on the information you have. See above link for more on this.
 - use his boots for outside and leave them off inside if he's comfortable that way. Make sure his boots have strong bevels added to the toes and backs of the heels , even if there were already some rudimentary bevels on them right out of the box. Because of the way his feet are currently shaped, boots may not be comfortable for 24/7 wearing as they are likely pressuring/rubbing on his heels/coronary bands in uncomfortable ways when worn for many hours. Unfortunately, it's a common problem when there is sinking because the amount of hoof capsule needed to cover the internal structures properly is a lot taller vertically than boots are designed to accommodate - even the rehab ones.

It makes sense to speak to your vet about restarting the Metformin to work on getting his insulin under better control. Invokana is an option to be considered only after diet, exercise (as able) and Meformin haven't worked. It's not a first-line drug of choice.

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