Riosa Blood tests & Update


I wanted to report on how Riosa is doing and some of her recent blood work.

as a review was doing wonderfully and on April 13 took her for teeth and osteopath appoint with vet. Get felt she needed to gain a bit of weight as getting pretty slim. 

As per Dr. Kellon’s suggestion we added in free choice hay and I was allowed to continue to exercise her as triglycerides were good.  I added in after exercise meal of 1lb oats : 1lb Ont Dehy balance cubes. 

Shortly after vet visit started to reduce Prascend in anticipation of testing her on June 1. Didn’t realize I could have stopped cold turkey and reduced down by .5 mgs per 3-4 days.

May 10 rode Rio at walk and previously worked her online with W/T/C.  Untacked and went to return her to her dry lot paddock and she was very stiff and sore abs at first thought oh no laminitis.

Bloods were pulled May 13 - didn’t get results back until June 15 and even then lab didn’t do triglycerides.

Labs were
glucose 5.3 mmol
insulin 189 pmol

During the time between pulling bloods and getting results we trimmed feet to make sure they were on track, booted her. She was progressing nicely and when received results back began taking her out a bit in the arena to walk her as well as wanted to take some video for my vet.  She was doing great other than showing more and more stiffness and off gaits here and there in her hind end.

Thursday June 16 is when I took some video which included some trot as per vets request and she was moving well and I didn’t see any front lameness just some we bit stiffness in hind.  Then on Sat June 19th, took her out to touch up trim and she could barely stand.  Very stiff and sore like she was on May 10th.  Put her back in pen, rebooted her, added socks in case of boot rubs abs she progressively got better throughout the day and has been doing well since then. 

Managed to get blood pulled on the 28th shortly after the above episode on the 19th.  Due to the Canada Day holiday that week we didn’t send until this Monday, July 5th.

Today I received glucose and triglycerides back where were:

glucose 5.6 mmol
triglycerides- 0.8 mmol previous triglycerides in March was .7 mmol
No insulin yet

tests before were
glucose 5.3 mmol
insulin 182 pmol
no triglycerides this time as they forgot to test 

She continues to be pretty good with boots on but has good and bad days with boots off.  I take them off for a bit if her feet get sweaty as worried about boot rubs.  But most times with boots off as long as her feet are dry she seems to not be too bad.  If her feet are sweaty at all or wet and we have boots off she is very tender footed. Makes me think still laminitis or perhaps just soft soles?

we had another vet appt on July 2nd but I cancelled it as even though she was doing better I didn’t want to haul her in plus 32C weather esp if she was not 100%.

I am still feeding her free choice hay and she gets mineral balanced to hay, spirulina, chondroitin, jherb, flax and added ALCAR as thought might help and wouldn’t hurt?  I also cut out the soybean and soy hulls and and only using balance cubes for my carrier. No oats as not really back in exercise.

I am concerned that her glucose is up and am wondering if I should be looking to reduce her feed as worry it is the cause to the increase perhaps.  If she is happy to go out for walks should I be starting to exercise her?

she still is stiff in her hind end and to me shows increased stiffness after exercise which is odd. 

I have included a video I took tonight to get some feedback as to how she is doing and moving.

Feedback welcome or suggestions on how she looks or triggers for increased glucose.  
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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