Re: Riosa Blood tests & Update


Thanks Dr. Kellon.


She is in her dry lot paddock as there is no place for safe turnout for her other than that. She has room to walk, trot and canter in there if she chooses. However does not get nearly as much exercise in there as she would if we went for walks and so on.  I could put her out with my other two but my gelding is a trouble maker and starts fights which sometimes end with some kicking, which could end up with a well placed kick and more setbacks. So I want to avoid those :)


If she blocks sound on her fronts we would then take X-rays to figure out further what the issue is and how to improve it?  Just want to have all the info in case we miss doing something at the exam and that meaning I have to go back again. 

So if she doesn’t block out on the fronts then we move to the hocks I would think?


I have requested a vet appt to further investigate.  She was doing so well up until this last little bought that arose. 


Thanks again.

August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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